Introducing the Pumpkin Chug. The Ultimate Halloween Drinking Game.

For all those who aren’t afraid of getting a little messy in the name of good fun this halloween season we came up with a drinking method called the Pumpkin Chug. In essence this drinking game is just a creative way to chug a beer through a pumpkin and looking like a total doofus at the same time.

What this entails is carving a jack-o-lantern by cutting the hole in the bottom instead of the top, leaving enough room for someone to get their head in. Then making a small circular mouth that can hold the neck of a bottle and chugging through it.

Getting What You Need Ready

There’s a little prep involved in this game. All you’re going to need is a large pumpkin (Large enough for someone to fit their head in), something to carve it with and some bottled beers.

Now here’s the important park. When gutting the pumpkin make sure to make the hole at the bottom of the pumpkin not the top. This is so someone can put it on their head like a helmet when it’s done.

Once the pumpkin is all gutted out you’re going to need to cut the eyes and mouth hole. Plus whatever facial features you think would look best on a drunken pumpkin-head.

When cutting the mouth it should only be a small circle about the size of a bottle neck. That way a bottle can sit comfortably with no hand necessary. A good way to do this is to push a bottle cap into the pumpkin and use that as a reference for the mouth hole.

How To Do The Pumpkin Chug

Now that all the prep is done the Halloween drinking game fun can begin!

Grab a beer bottle and the nearest fun-loving party-goer.

First get the person to put the pumpkin on their head like a football helmet. Make sure the mouth is lined up to the mouth hole is lined up.

Now put the beer bottle flat on the table and have the person move their pumpkin helmet mouth onto the open beer bottle that’s flat on the table. (this is the only way to attach the bottle without spilling any.)

At the count of three lean back so that the bottle is upside down and commence chugging. Whoever can do this quickest is the halloween drinking game master!