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The Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game

Freddy gets loaded

The Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game is a game that can be played with any standard horror or hack n slash movie. It works best with the cheesy 80s movies that usually involve 6 or so people getting trapped in a cabin/mall/cave/etc… As long as the movie follows the predictable formula of a group being terrorized and murdered than this game should fit the bill just fine!

How to play the Horror Movie Drinking Game



Any horror movie and drinks


In this game players bet on which character they think is going to die next. Then players drink or give drinks if they guessed correctly or not.



Once all the main characters are established you can pause the movie and players can take turns betting 1 to 5 drinks on who will die next. They can either pick a character from the main cast or they can pick “background character” or “the villain”. Whenever a character dies pause the movie. Whoever guessed right gets to give drinks equal to his or her bet. Whoever guessed wrong must drink their bet. If someone correctly guesses when the villain will die he gets to pick someone to finish their drink.

Additional Rules:

If you wanted to try the more intense version you can add on the following rules. On top of the betting rules players can also drink whenever any of the following horror movie tropes happen:

  • Main characters have sex
  • Main characters decide to split up
  • Someone goes to investigate the basement
  • Phone line is cut
  • The car doesn’t start
  • There’s a shower scene
  • Someone is dragged by their ankles
  • Someone is beheaded



The Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game is a great way to liven up a get together and add a bit of extra excitement to a horror movie. It works great with almost any horror movie imaginable! For best results it would be best to play this game with any of the classic horror movie franchises like Friday The 13th, Saw, Halloween, Scream or The Nightmare On Elm Street. It can even be played with hack n slash movies like Chopping Mall.