Bad Beers and Bad Movies Ep # 2 – Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall Killer Robot

This week we tackled a movie called Chopping Mall. For those unaware it’s a horror flick from 1986 about an inexplicable plan to curb robberies by having deadly robots patrol a mall at night. Chopping Mall¬†follows the classic formula of hot teenagers getting murdered one by one. ¬†It basically follows the questionable decisions of 4 couples who wanted to have a good ol’ fashioned mall orgy but instead are faced with the difficult task of dismantling killer robots. We’ve all been there right? This movie is a blast to watch if you go into knowing it won’t make any sense. Personally I don’t think I’ve ever yelled “WHY” so many times at a tv screen.


Drink 1 whenever

  • Someone dies
  • You hear the catchphrase of the movie “have a nice day” (Yes that’s seriously the catch phrase)
  • Characters decide to split up
  • A character has a profoundly bad idea (this is pretty constant)
  • A robot has a new inexplicable power

Finish your drink when


  • A robot dies
    • Disclaimer: There is one scene where a robot is perceived dead but comes back to life later.Killer Robot from Chopping Mall


Drunk factor 5/6 :

This Chopping Mall drinking game will cause you to finish at least 3 beers due to the robots dying. Plus plenty more drinks for the god awful critical thinking skills of seemingly every character in this movie.

Fun factor 4/6:

As dumb as this movie is I cannot deny how fun it was to watch. However if you’re going into this movie expecting a deep thought provoking journey you might leave disappointed. Otherwise prepare to have a great time!