The Generic Action Movie Drinking Game

The Generic Action Movie Drinking Game -

The Generic Action Movie Drinking Game is designed to work with any standard action movie. This can basically be any action movie franchise such as The Terminator, The Fast and the Furious, Rocky, Rambo, Rush Hour, Die Hard and many others. It will even work with some newer films like John Wick.

The idea is that players will have to drink whenever one of the many predictable action moments happen in the chosen film. Nothing goes better with an hour and a half long display of manliness than a few cold beers.



Any traditional action movie and drinks


Players will drink for all the classic action movie tropes that happen within the movie. Plus they’ll be chugging for slo-mo, one-liners and montages.

Set up

Queue up any classic action movie, there’s plenty on Netflix or any other streaming service. Take a quick glance at the rules and get ready to do some drinking.


The Generic Action Movie Drinking Game Rules

  • Drink once every time
  • Someone is punched in the face
  • Someone is round house kicked
  • A car crashes or explodes
  • Someone puts on or removes sunglasses
  • A car does a wicked jump
  • A cop is fired
  • Someone smashes a bottle to use as a weapon
  • A Henchmen is killed


Drink 3 every time

  • Someone utters a one-liner
  • The hero gets the girl


Chug for as long as

  • The movie is in slo-mo
  • There’s an ongoing montage

Hard Mode (only use this rule if you’re prepared for a ton of drinking.)

  • Drink every time a bullet misses it’s target


The Generic Action Movie Drinking Game should be plenty of drinking. Depending which movie you decide to choose it can be a lot of drinking. Only opt for the Hard Mode rule if you know the movie before hand because some movies can have hundreds of god awful shooting attempts.┬áIf you’re looking for something a little more specific maybe try out Fast and the Furious drinking game or our Jean-Claude Van Damme drinking game!