The Fast And The Furious Drinking Game

This drinking game works with any of the Fast and the Furious movies. Because let’s face it, it’s always funner to see stuff explode when you’re drunk. These movies are riddled with tropes and action packed nonsense which make them the perfect candidate for drinking games. The Fast And The Furious Drinking Game combines the dumb fun of these movies with the dumb fun of getting drunk. So let’s crack open a cold one and get started.


An unlikely duo is tasked with taking down a heroin ring. Between sick flips and wicked crashes these movies are a wild ride. It’s your mission to keep up with them by drinking every time they perform any of the specified actions.


  • Any Fast and The Furious movie. I recommend the later ones in the series (7 or 8) since they seem to try and one up themselves each time in terms of raw insanity.
  • Beer or a drink of choice. (Corona if you want to follow the blatant product placements in these movies)


Drink one whenever

  • Someone does a wicked jump in their car.
  • A car flips upside down.
  • Someone is punched.
  • You notice the supposed good guys causing massive property damage.
  • Someone hijacks a car.
  • Someone mentions Dom by name.
  • Something explodes.
  • Someone is seen drinking in the movie.

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone wins a fight where they were massively outnumbered
  • Dom or Brian win a race


The Fast And The Furious Drinking Game is perfect for anyone who wants to make a fun movie even funner. There’s nothing quite like watching fast cars, fights and barely clothed women while getting good and drunk with some of your friends. Depending which fast and the furious movie you choose be careful, this can be a lot of drinking. Between the drinking rules for fights, races, and other characters drinking that means you’ll be drinking in nearly every scene. So what are you waiting for? Ride or die, remember?