Fire Square Drinking Game Rules


The Fire Square drinking game plays out like a simplified version of the popular pyramid. What happens is 25 cards are laid out in a square face down and the rest of the cards are given to each player. Then the cards are flipped and every time someone has a matching card in their hand they can nominate someone else to drinks. The amount they have to drink depends which row the card was flipped on.

Set Up

To set this up a dealer shuffles the cards. They then place 25 cards face down on the table in a 5×5 square. The rest are dealt out as evenly as possible to the remaining players to form their hands.

Fire Square Drinking Game Rules

Once the square is set up and the cards are dealt then the dealer begins flipping cards from the first row.

Whenever a card is flipped anyone with a matching card in their hand can reveal it to make someone else drink. The amount they drink depends on which row they are on.

  • 1st row – 1 drink
  • 2nd row – 2 drinks
  • 3rd row – 3 drinks
  • 4th row – 4 drinks
  • 5th row – 5 drinks

That’s about it. When you’re out of cards the game is done. Feel free to redeal and start it up again. We also added some additional rules to the Fire Square drinking game to add a bit more excitment.

Additional Rules

After the cards are dealt out anyone with a joker can reveal it, discard it, and steal a card from any other player.

If a joker is flipped up in the square everyone must cheers and take a drink.

If anyone draws an ace they can use it once during the game to double the amount of drinks they are giving out to another player.

If an ace comes up in the square every player with an Ace still in their hand must drink 5 times.