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The Best FIFA Drinking Game You’ll Ever Play


This Fifa Drinking game punishes players for making mistakes by getting them drunk in the process. Players play a regular match of FIFA, team size doesn’t matter but personally I find it best with 4+ players. From there players drink for mistakes they make in game and then as a whole the team you will drink at the end of the game based on the Match Facts or Stats page. Basically not only do you get punished for sucking, you get punished a second time to remind you that you still suck. This game works best if you allow the two best players to draft teams each round as to allow a somewhat even match.


Any FIFA game for any platform, and drinks.


This game is a great way to enjoy any fifa title while also getting drunk. All you need is some good friends and some drinks.

Fifa Drinking Game Rules:

You drink one if:

  • You foul the opponent
  • You hit the ball out of bounds

You drink two if:

  • You get a yellow card
  • You concede a corner kick

Your whole team drinks five if:

  • You concede a goal
  • You get a red card

Someone on your team has to have a shot or chug a beer if:

  • The opposing team scores off of a penalty shot. Personally I’d give this drinking penalty to the jerk who conceded the penalty kick in the first place.


At the end of the game go to the Match Facts page. One by one the player who lost each stat category must take a sip.


All in all this game is a great way to enjoy yourself if you’re already a fan of the franchise. It keeps players drinking fairly consistantly throughout the game especially when they start getting frustrated and racking up red cards. Although the real excitement in the Fifa Drinking Game comes at the end when players compare match facts and realize just how bad they are at Fifa while simultaneously drinking for it.