Drunk Driver Drinking Game

The Drunk Driver drinking game is very reminiscent of other games like Bus Driver. The premise of the game is for one player to successfully finish a round, which makes it a great solo drinking game but it works good with multiple players too if you want to take turns. In this game the “driver” aims to flip over 6 cards in a row without getting a face card. Every time a face card is drawn they drink and more cards are added.

What You’ll Need

A full shuffled deck of cards with jokers and some drinks. You can also play without jokers if you don’t have them just omit the rule for flipping jokers.

Drunk Driver Drinking Game Rules

Once the deck is shuffled place it face down on the table. Place 6 cards face down in a line.

Now the “driver” (the player doing all the drinking) must aim to cross the road by flipping every card in the row without drawing a face card.

Flip the cards one at a time, if it’s any number from 2-10 then the driver is safe and can flip the next card. However there’s special rules for when a face card or ace is drawn.

  • Jack – Drink once and add 1 new cards to the row face down.
  • Queen – Drink twice and add 2 new cards to the row face down.
  • King – Drink three times and add 3┬ánew cards to the row face down.
  • Ace – Drink four times and add 4 new cards to the row face down.
  • Joker – Finish your drink. No new cards are added.

Keep flipping until you manage to get every card in the row flipped. So as you can probably guess the Drunk Driver drinking game can get pretty crazy if the one doing the flipping has bad luck so please take it easy an drink responsibly.