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Drinkagon Review – Blending Strategy and Drinking

What separates Drinkagon from most drinking games you’ll see is that there’s a focus on the strategy of the game. Recently kickstarted by Edi Budimilic this game combines gameplay similar to Chinese checkers and dangerous truth/dare that cause players to take a few sips of their drink if they refuse to do the action on the card.

How To Play

The object of this game is to move all your pieces from your own base to another players base.

Setting It Up

Set Up

Players take turns placing the hexagonal tiles on the board making whichever shape they want. Saving their bases for last. Then everyone takes turns placing their bases and putting their three game pieces on their base. Secondly someone needs to download the Drinkagon App on either Android or iPhone to be able to draw the cards. Then you’re ready to begin!

How to Play

For this game the object is to get all your pieces into any one of the opponents bases. First to do this is the winner.

On a players turn they roll the 10 sided die included with the game and move however many spaces they roll. They can divide these spaces among any of their pieces. However there is a few stipulations…

  1. You cannot land on any of the blacked out spaces.
  2. You may jump over an opponents piece but this costs an extra move.
  3. You may not jump over multiple pieces in one jump.
  4. You can move an opponents piece but this costs two moves.

Also the board comes loaded with “truth” and “dare” spots. If you find yourself on any of these spots (either by moving there yourself of having someone else move you there) then you need to fire up the App and flip a corresponding card. Dares will present you with a challenge and Truths will present you with a question. If you choose not to do what the card says you then have to drink equal to what it says on the card (usually 1-3 drinks).

Drinkagon Review

What Drinkagon does well is actually incorporates a bit of strategic thought without being complicated which is rare in drinking games. However at the end of the day most of it comes down to getting good dice rolls because nothing is going to help you win as much as rolling more 4s than the other players.

One thing we did find a bit lackluster was the amount of drinking for the cards. Stuff like “Take a nude photo and send it to your ex or drink once”. That’s a bit of a no-brainer. So to kick things up we used it as half cups of beer instead of sips to make things a little more balanced. Another minor nitpick is we never figured out what the 6 sided die is for in the box, but hey another die to add to my collection.

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All-In-All Drinkagon is a refreshing change from most drinking games. It’s a little more than the classic flip-and-drink style games. The app comes in handy too since you can just flip through it and have fun doing some ridiculous stunts or drinking for it, but if you want a hard copy of the cards they also supply those on their online store.