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    How to Do a 649 Shot

    A 649 Shot (pronounced six-forty-nine) is a lottery shot where someone takes a shot of three randomly selected alcohols mixed together. It’s a game that’s usually played at a bar, or at least somewhere with a lot of liquor options. It’s not a shot anyone typically enjoys, it’s usually done as a punishment when someone […] More

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    5 Best Christmas Cocktails For The Holiday Season

    This list is for those looking to spice up their next Christmas party with something a little different than the classic eggnog. These 5 great Christmas cocktails are sure to bring festive cheer to even the stingiest of grinches. #1 Naughty Hot Chocolate Ingredients 1 cup of skim milk Hot chocolate mix 3 ounces of […] More

  • How To Make a Tradtional Martini by

    How To Make a Traditional Martini – The Right Way

    The martini is one of the most iconic alcoholic drinks of all time, and for good reason. There’s a million variations and ways to make it. So not a lot of people can agree on which way is best. But here we’re going to outline how to make the original Gin martini that started the […] More

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    5 Ways To Bring Your Bloody Caesar To The Next Level

    For the uninitiated the Caesar cocktail is similar to a Bloody Mary except it uses Mott’s Clamato juice and a variety of garnishes. It’s a very unique cocktail that’s found widespread popularity in Canada. So much so that there’s even a “National Caesar Day” across the frozen north. What Is A Bloody Caesar? The Caesar […] More

  • How To Make a Tom Collins by

    How To Make A Tom Collins – Mixology 101

    The Tom Collins is a popular mixed drink, and for good reason. It’s a delicious drink that can be made with ingredients found in almost any typical bar setting. The combination of Gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water make for a very refreshing beverage. Overall it’s a very light gin-sour style cocktail so it’s […] More