How to Do a 649 Shot

A 649 Shot (pronounced six-forty-nine) is a lottery shot where someone takes a shot of three randomly selected alcohols mixed together. It’s a game that’s usually played at a bar, or at least somewhere with a lot of liquor options.

It’s not a shot anyone typically enjoys, it’s usually done as a punishment when someone loses a bet. But if you’re clinically insane you could always just do these for fun.

Why is it called a 6/49 Shot?

The 649 Shot is named after a national Canadian lottery of the same name. Much like the lottery the odds are random, and most of the time you just end up wasting your money and get screwed.

What Do You Need for The Shot?

Typically all you need is to be at a bar. But if you want to do this at home or someone else’s home you’ll need a large selection of booze. So bust open that liquor cabinet and grab a shot glass. Typically this works best with a double shot glass.

How to Do a 6/49 Shot

These type of shots are fairly simple. Just line up all the boozes you have available then randomly pick one as a starting point. You can do this by rolling a die or simply closing your eyes and pointing to a bottle.

Once one is selected then the fun can begin. From there move six bottles to the right and put whatever bottle you land on aside. Then go four bottles to the left and do it again. Finally go 9 bottles to the right and grab that bottle.

To make the shot, pour approximately 1/3 of a shot of each of the selected bottles into a single shot glass. Be warned, depending on what you got you can end up with some pretty nasty concoctions. From there you just take the 6/49 shot and begin to regret every event that led you to that decision.