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Dirty Drawers Review, Rules and Drinking Game Rules!

We got the pleasure to test out one of our favorite party games to date. Dirty Drawers. This can be thought of as a much wackier version of Pictionary where people need to draw something based on 3 randomly drawn descriptors. You end up with all kinds of crazy combinations that you can help but laugh at.

In this overview we briefly go over the rules, a personal review and even include some of our own drinking rules for those of us who enjoy a few beverages with our game nights.

How To Play Dirty Drawers

The goal of the game is to draw whatever the descriptor cards come up with and have it judged on a randomly selected criteria.

Players take turns being the judge. The judge doesn’t get to draw but they are the ones who decide who’s drawing is the best. The judge draws a card from each of the 3 stacks (and maybe a 4th if one of the cards asks for it).

This will form a loose description. Something like “Hairy wizard throwing up knives”. Then the judge rolls a die to determine what the drawings will be judged on. When ready he starts a timer and everyone grabs their white board and starts drawing.

Once the timer runs out everyone must put their dry erase markers down immediately. The judge then picks which drawing they feel was best. Whoever wins gets points equal to the number of cards in the drawing description.

Dirty Drawers Review

Despite a near complete lack of artistic merit by everyone at the table, this game was a blast. It’s hard not to laugh and enjoy yourself as soon as people start drawing their interpretations of hilarious scenarios like penis wizards or a contortionist throwing up knives.

Simply put; this is one of the best party games we’ve ever played. Perfect for any occasion really especially if your aim is to get people to lighten up and start laughing. Plus with the randomized criteria for what the judge has to pick the winner doesn’t always go to the one with the most talent.

Dirty Drawers is a very light-hearted game without a ton of tense competition or deep strategy. But it really doesn’t need those things because at it’s core it’s one of the funnest games your money can buy.

The Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules!

As is tradition in Canada, we came up with some drinking rules.

  • Drink once for each penis drawn
  • At the end of each round the judge must also choose the worst drawing. That person drinks 3 times.
  • At the end of the game whoever had the least points must take a knee and down a full drink. Maybe that bit of drunken confidence will help you do better next time?