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High Card Drinks Low Card

The Chuggernaut’s Original High Card Drinks Low Card is simplicity squared. In fact it’s almost so simple it can be understood from the name alone. All it requires is a deck of cards. Basically each player flips a card and then whoever drew the highest card drinks whatever the lowest card is. That’s it. This game really only serves one purpose and that’s to down a couple drinks.


A deck of cards and drinks.


Players flip cards hoping not to draw the highest card in the deck. Whoever drew the highest drinks an amount equal to the lowest.


First it may be a good idea to remove every card above 10 from the deck to avoid crazy amounts of drinks unless there is more than 4 people playing.

Each player flips a card off the top of the deck. Whoever drew the highest value drinks whatever the lowest value is. If there is a tie for highest card then both players drink the lowest amount shown. If there is a tie for lowest card then both of them are added together for the player with the highest value to drink. Every time multiples of the same card number are flipped in the same round they are removed from the game once the round is done. Once the deck is depleted shuffle the remaining cards and go again. This continues until there is no match-able cards remaining in the deck. Additionally Jokers act as passes, so any player who draws a joker simply abstains from that round and doesn’t drink or give drinks.

Honestly this game is more about the destination than the journey. It’s a great way to snag a quick buzz. It’s simple and doesn’t require too much attention so it’s an easy choice for those looking for a few quick drinks.