Call of Duty Zombies Drinking Game

Call of Duty Zombies Drinking Game -

This game is designed for any of the Zombies modes within the call of duty franchise. Generally each game has one of these modes. Alternatively there’s also “Call Of Duty: Zombies Chronicles” Which is a game that combines the best parts of all the zombies modes from different games and is currently available on the psn and xbox live stores. So grab a few beers and prepare to run for your life with the Call of Duty Zombies Drinking Game!


Any Call of Duty Game that has a Zombies mode. We recommend the one from Black Ops 3. And of course some drinks.

Call of Duty Zombies Drinking Game Rules

This drinking game focuses on making players to take extra drinks to make crucial decisions in the game. As well as making players take drinks at the end of the game for losing during certain rounds. Players should stop and take the drinks immediately before taking these actions. This makes it extra risky when you’re already running for your life.

  • If you want to purchase a gun, you must take a drink.
  • If you want to board up an entrance you must take a drink.
  • If you want to unlock a door you must take 3 drinks.
  • If you wish to purchase Gobblegum you must take 5 drinks.

Once you die…

  • If you died to a regular non-enhanced zombie. Take a drink.
  • If you died while drinking, double the amount of drinks you were supposed to take.
  • If you die before the 10th round, take 3 drinks
  • If you die before the 5th round, take 5 drinks.
  • If you died in the first round – finish your drink you loser.


That about wraps up the rules for the Call of Duty drinking game. This game gets funner and way more frustrating once you’ve had a few beers. Mistakes will be made and beers will be drank. But as always please remember to drink responsibly, no game is worth risking your personal health.