Suicide Drinking Game

The Suicide drinking game gets it’s name for a reason. There can be a hell of a lot of drinking so only play this one if you’re ready for that. The basics of this card game is that players take turns flipping cards and then drinking if they match someone else’s. Matching the suit of another players card is only one drink but matching the actual number of the card means you got to drink equal to the number. It gets pretty intense. This game works with anywhere from 3-8 players.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards, some drinks, and poor enough judgement to attempt this game.

Suicide Drinking Game Rules

First everyone sits in a circle and then someone shuffles the deck and places it face down in the middle.

Now the player left starts the game. On a players turn all they do is flip over the top card of the deck and place it in front of themselves. When players draw new cards it replaces their old cards.

Whenever a card is drawn everyone who has a matching suit to that card must take a sip. Everyone with the same number must drink equal to the number of the card. For this Jack is worth 11, Queen is worth 12, King is worth 13 and Ace is worth 14.

Play continues until every card has been played or the deck runs dry.


The suicide drinking game is a hefty one so make sure you’re well hydrated going into this one, please drink responsibly. Although it is possible to get lucky and only draw low cards most players will end up drinking much more than that.