Bubble Bobble Drinking Game

Bubble Bobble Drinking Game -

This Bubble Bobble drinking game focuses on the NES classic Bubble bobble, It also works with Bubble Bobble 2. There is a couple other versions of the game this will work with but make sure not to grab any of the ones that turned into breakout clones. This drinking version works best with 2 players, but more can play if they want to swap out controllers between rounds.

The basic idea of these games is you and a friend are dinosaurs who shoot bubbles. Trap the enemies in bubbles and then pop them to defeat them. There’s of levels but they all fly by pretty quickly. Our drinking game focuses on forcing players to drink for missed bubble pops.


Bubble Bobble 1 or 2 for the NES and some drinks. If you don’t own a classic NES this game is also available from the Arcade Archives on Playstation 4.

Bubble Bobble Drinking Game Rules

Our drinking game focuses on causing the other player to drink for your successes, and causing yourself to drink for failures.

  • If you pop an enemy in a bubble, the other player drinks.
  • If you collect a letter you didn’t have before, the other player drinks.
  • If you collect a fruit the other player drinks
  • If you manage to collect every letter of “EXTEND” the other player must finish their drink
  • If you put an enemy into a bubble but fail to pop it, you drink.
  • If you die, you drink.


Our Bubble Bobble drinking game can be quite a bit of drinking since every level will basically require you to pop multiple bubble enemies. This drinking game makes the game a bit more difficult since it makes players compete with each other to pop enemies first. Either way this is sure to be a lot of drinks if you intend on playing for long periods, so please make sure to drink responsibly. If you’re a fan of drinking to classic NES games we suggest taking a look at our Excitebike Drinking Game!