Excitebike Drinking Game

Excitebike Drinking Game -

Our ExciteBike Drinking game can be done with either the NES or N64 versions, although we recommend the classic Nintendo version. Excitebike is a simple yet impossibly frustrating motorcycle racing game. The main point of the game is to finish in at least third place in order to progress to the next increasingly difficult course.

Our drinking version of the game however focuses on the “Design” mode where players get to create their own courses and then try them out. This way everyone is simultaneously trying to screw each other over by creating a ridiculously impossible track.



Excitebike for NES or N64 and drinks

Set Up:

Go into “Design” mode and pass the controller to whoever is willing to go first.


Players take turns placing objects to create the course. Then each player takes turns attempting the course. Players will drink for falling or hitting bushes. As well as the player with the slowest time finishing a full drink.


Excitebike Drinking Game Rules:

Players take turn placing objects in the design mode in order to create a course. Once all players agree that the course is long enough the first player attempts the course. Then in turn each player attempts the course.

Drink one if:

You Fall

You hit a bush

You miss a boost

Drink two if:

You roll all the way up and down a hill

You overheat


Once every player has completed the track, the player who took the longest must chug a full drink.


Our Excitebike drinking game can be a decent amount of drinking especially if your friends are total jerks when placing their objects and ramps. I personally find it best to use a relatively small course with 3 laps so that players can get used to the objects but usually what ends up happening is players have too much fun placing items that it gets extremely long. Don’t worry though, this is the socially acceptable kind of drunk driving.