Across the Bridge Drinking Game

Card Game

The Across the Bridge Drinking Game is somewhat similar to other games like Bus Driver. The aim here is to cross the bridge by hoping that no face cards are flipped in the row of ten cards. It’s purely a luck based drinking game so it’s great if you wanna shut your brain off a bit and redirect some much needed energy to your liver.

This game works on a turn by turn basis, so it’s best to play in smaller groups of 6 or less. Hell, you could even play 1 player if you’re feeling so inclined.

What You’ll Need

To get this game rolling all you need is a deck of cards and something to drink. Simple enough.

Setting It Up

Choose someone as a dealer and someone to be crossing the bridge. The dealer shuffles the deck and then places 10 cards face down in a row.

Across the Bridge Drinking Game Rules

Simply flip cards and act accordingly.

  • 2-10 (numbered cards) – You’re safe. Keep flipping.
  • Jack – Take a sip and add another face down card to the bridge.
  • Queen – Take two sips and add two more face down cards to the bridge.
  • King – Take three sips and add three more face down cards to the bridge.
  • Ace – Take four sips and add four more face down cards to the bridge.


This game continues until the bridge crosser successfully crosses the bridge. Depending on their luck this could either go right away or they could burn through the entire deck. If the entire deck has been gone through either pick or new crosser or shuffle and just keep dealing, depending on how cruel you want to be.


The Across the Bridge drinking game is a great party drinking game because it tends to pick on one or two unlucky people. But for the same reason you should always try to mind your alcohol tolerance and please drink responsibly.