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52 Drinkup

52 Drinkup is a drinking adaptation of the common practical joke “52 pickup” where someone throws a deck of cards like a jerkbag and expects someone else to clean it up. In this drinking version everyone is a winner.

What You’ll Need

A standard deck of 52 cards and drinks for every player.

Set up

Set up for this is pretty easy. Simple get together in a circle. It’s easiest to play on the floor as it’ll be annoying finding all the cards if you’re throwing them on a table and some slide off. Then just decide on a starting player.

52 Drinkup Rules

For this game whoever’s turn it is picks a specific card. This can be any card that’s in the deck. Then that player takes the deck and throws it in the air. After all cards have landed the player then must look for his card without touching any of the cards.

If the player can spot their card, they pass the deck to the next player to play the game again. No need to shuffle or make sure all the cards are facing the same way.

If the player cannot find their card however they must drink once, then collect all face up cards and remove them from the game (except the card that they called out, that one goes back in the deck). Leaving only the face down cards. Then they throw the cards again and repeat the process with the smaller deck. This continues until they can spot their card.

Play goes clockwise.


The 52 Drinkup game is tons of fun but it’s also a good way to lose a few playing cards so I’d suggest playing with a deck you don’t particularly care about. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.