5 Hilarious Chinese Drinking Games to Kick Off Chinese New Year

Whether you’re just going to visit or looking for ways to celebrate Chinese new year you can’t go wrong with some good old fashioned Chinese drinking games. As with most countries where alcohol is part of their history, China has developed a lot of their own drinking games that have slowly adapted and changed over time.

The common thread in a lot of these games is that a lot of them have to do with guessing or bluffing. Either way if you’ve never given one a shot trying out one of these Chinese drinking games can be a great way to get your evening going.

5 Great Chinese Drinking Games


The Jiuling drinking game dates back over 3000 years making it the worlds oldest recorded drinking game. It’s a simple game of trying to guess how many fingers will be showing. Basically everyone hinds their hands behind their back and then at the count of three everyone shouts out their guess and shows their hands, holding up 0-10 fingers. Whoever’s guess was closest wins. Everyone else? Bottoms up!

Two Little Bees

Two Bees

This is a two player game that kicks off with both players singing “two little bees fly to the flowers, and fly”.

Then each player throws out rock/paper/scissors.

The loser drinks. Then the winner pretends to slap the loser and the loser pretends to be slapped.

If it’s a tie both players pretend to kiss and say “Mua!Mua!”.

If anyone messes up the choreography, that’s another drink!


This drinking game from china is a lot like musical chairs except instead of music playing someone is banging a gong. Players pass around a flower and if they’re holding it when the gong stops, sucks to be you! take a drink.

Chui Niu

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Chui Niu (sometimes just called Dice) is a Chinese dice drinking game that involves rolling 5 dice in an opaque cup and then calling out their score. The score is the highest set of numbers they have, such as “three fives” or “four sixes”. Then the dice are passed to the next player who tries to roll higher.

However players can opt to bluff and claim to have something that they don’t actually have. If a player is called out on their bluff they must drink, but if the caller is incorrect than the caller must drink.


The 5-10-15 drinking game is sort of similar to Jiuling. This game is about guessing how many fingers will be showing except this game is strictly for 2 players. Players are only allowed to show a closed fist or open hand.

Each round players count down from 3 and then show their hands and yell out their guesses at the same time. A closed fist is worth 0 and an open hand is worth 5. Whoever’s guess was closest to the total score between the two players wins, the other player drinks.



These Chinese drinking games have stood the test of time and really proved to be great social games for many years.