5-10-15-20 Drinking Game

This drinking game from china is pretty similar to the game Fingers except that it only involves 2 players. The goal is to bet how many fingers total will be showing once both players throw out their hands. Whoever gets it wins, the loser drinks.

What You’ll Need

Two hands and some drinks. Also this game is specifically meant to be played with two players.

5-10-15-20 drinking game rules

Each round consists of both players throwing out both their hands at the same time. Players can choose to throw out either 5 (open hand) or 0 (closed hand).

So at the count of 3, both players call out how many fingers they think will be showing in total and putting out either 0,5 or 10. Whichever player guessed wrong drinks!

It’s important to note that everything needs to happen at the same time here. Players should throw out both hands AND shout their guess at the same time to avoid cheating.

For example player ‘A’ throws out one closed hand and one open hand (5 fingers), and player ‘B’ throws out two open hands (10 fingers). Player ‘A’ at the same time calls out “TEN!” and player ‘B’ calls out “FIFTEEN!”. Player B Wins because they correctly guessed the total number of fingers!


5-10-15-20 is a very common drinking game in china. It can either be used as a drinking game or even make simple decisions like “who should call for pizza?”. It’s up to the players what the ante is and what the losing player will have to drink for guessing the incorrect number. Ties can also happen resulting in both players taking a drink. As with all drinking activities please remember to drink in moderation and not overdo it.