Two Little Bees Drinking Game

Two Bees

This game is a Chinese drinking game fairly similar to rock paper scissors that is made to work specifically with two players. The two little bees drinking game involves players singing a small verse and then choosing which shape to throw out to try and beat the opponent.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is some drinks.

Two Little Bees Rules

This game starts with a song which both players must try and sing at the same time.

“Liangzhi xiao mifeng ya, fei dao huacong zhong ya, fei ya”

Or, if you want to sing the English version “two little bees fly to the flowers, and fly”

Once the song is sung both players throw out either rock, paper, or scissors. And the loser takes a drink.

The player who won Rock/Paper/Scissors must pretend to slap the loser and say “Pya!Pya!”

The loser must pretend to be slapped and say “Ah!Ah!”

However if it’s a tie both players pretend to kiss and say “Muah!Muah!”.

If anyone messes up and doesn’t say the right phrase they must take an additional drink.


The Two Little Bees drinking game is pretty simple but it’s also pretty easy to mess up. It’s basically just rock paper scissors with an extra dramatic flare. It doesn’t really involve too much drinking it’s more just for the fun of it.