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The WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game

The WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game -

The WWE Royal Rumble drinking game works with any Royal Rumble. These usually take place in January of any given year and are one of the WWE’s big four Pay-Per-Views every year. These intense and fickle matches usually involve 30 wrestlers entering the ring at timed intervals who compete to be the last one in the ring. Any competitors who are thrown over the rope onto the ground below are eliminated so anything can happen! There’s usually a draft to determine which wrestlers will be participating in the rumble.

What You’ll Need

Made sure every player gets a small piece of paper and something to write with. Then everyone just needs to get their drinks and get ready for some sports entertainment.

How to play

First things first, before watching the draft players will take turns drafting wrestlers and writing them down on a piece of paper. Do this until everyone has at least 5 wrestlers. Once that’s done players are ready to begin the draft.

WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game Rules

The Draft

Make sure everyone has their sheets handy for the draft.

  • Drink for every wrestler you chose who didn’t make the cut.
  • Finish your drink if any of your chosen superstars got 1st or 2nd.
  • If one of your wrestlers gets 27th, pick another player to drink 3 times. The 27th spot is the one which has had the most Royal Rumble victories overall.

The Match

  • Drink once for every signature move you spot during the rumble
  • Drink if any weapons or tables make an appearance
  • Drink if any wrestler is taken away by medical staff
  • Drink for any self-eliminations
  • Drink 3 times if any of your wrestlers are eliminated
  • Finish your drink if all of your wrestlers are eliminated


These events usually last about an hour or so, which is more than enough time to finish a couple beers while you watch. A few of the rules in our Royal Rumble drinking game may never even come up but who knows. Either way please make sure to drink responsibly.