Who Killed Captain Alex Drinking Game – Uganda’s First Action Drinking Game

Who Killed Captain Alex Drinking Game Rules by

This drinking game is for the absurdly low budget Ugandan action movie, Who Killed Captain Alex? Luckily this film can be found in it’s entirety on YouTube.

Who Killed Captain Alex is one of the most hilariously under-produced movies you’ll ever find. So much so that it’s creator stated the entire budget was 85$, which becomes clear moments into the film. Between the ridiculous action sequences and the narrator who was given free-roam to say whatever was on his mind, this movie is so bad that you’re going to want a few drinks to get through it.

What You’ll Need To Play

Most of the drinking rules to this game have to do with the narrator that is constantly talking about how good the movie is, so you’re going to want to find a copy with English narration. Which can be found here. Then just grab a few beers and follow these simple drinking rules.

Who Killed Captain Alex Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Anyone mentions “Tiger Mafia”
  • Someone is killed
  • The narrator talks about Uganda
  • The word “Commando” is said
  • Inexplicable Kung Fu
  • You notice some horrible CGI or explosion effects
  • There’s mention of “Wakaliwood”
  • The narrator talks about how good he thinks the movie is
  • You notice a weapon that’s clearly made of sticks or pipes

Finish Your Drink whenever the full title of the movie is said

There’s only a few rules to our Who Killed Captain Alex drinking game, but that’s because they each come up a lot in the movie. So feel free to take a break or remove a few of the drinking rules if they become too much. If you liked this game and wanted to check out more drinking games to so-bad-it’s-good movies we suggest tryout out our The Room drinking game.