The Room Drinking Game


Often hailed as the best bad movie of all time, the Room will destroy your expectations. Whatever they may be. Between the terrible acting, writing and absolutely pointless football scenes this movie makes for the perfect drinking game. The Room follows Johnny as he slowly finds out his wife is cheating on him. How they dragged this out into a full length movie is nothing short of incredible. Most of this movie takes place in a couple rooms and a roof with a green screen. About half of the scenes could be removed without any consequence such as the opening sex scene complete with loud awkward panting. So grab a couple beers and get ready for The Room Drinking Game.



This drinking game is for the cult classic terrible movie “The Room”. Players drink every time certain events take place to help them cope with watching The Room.




Drink one when:

  • A football enters frame
  • The main character laughs
  • Every time there’s heavy breathing during a sex scene
  • You see stock footage of San Francisco
  • A character says “don’t worry about it” or “everything will be fine”
  • Someone mentions that Mark and Johnny are best friends
  • Lisa says she doesn’t love Johnny anymore

Finish your drink or take a shot when:

  • Johnny dies.


The Room Drinking Game is perfect for anyone who can appreciate a good train wreck. This movie is wildly entertaining for all the wrong reasons so get some friends together at get ready for one of the most confusing drinking sessions you’ll ever have.


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