What Is An Ice Luge?

What Is an Ice Luge?

An Ice Luge is a small slide made of ice used to funnel beverages into someone’s mouth. The idea of an Ice Luge is to pour liquor down a small ice-sculpture into the awaiting lips of a person below. Sometimes also known as a Shooter Block or a Martini Luge these can usually be found at ice bars or festivals.

How They’re Made

Typically a Ice Luge is made with a simple plastic mold, many of which are cheap online. Simply fill with water and freeze and you should have one ready that will last about 8 hours before melting at room temperature.

Alternatively some people will go the extra mile and carve out their own massive Ice Luges to add to the excitement. If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of getting a mold or learning how to sculpt ice you could always just take a block of ice and pour small amounts of hot water onto it until a path has been formed.

How to Use an Ice Luge

Once you got it ready then using it is the easy part. Someone stands on top and pours some liquor from the top of the slide. Typically a shot of vodka or tequila, and then someone waits at the bottom and tries to catch all the slow sliding alcohol in their mouth.

It can get a little messy especially later in the night if the luge has started to melt a bit.

If you’re looking for more wacky and unorthodox ways to down some drinks in a hurry then we suggest taking a look at the Australian game of Goon of Fortune where players spin a bag of wine around a clothes line to determine who will be drinking it.