How to Play Goon of Fortune

For the uninitiated a Goon is an Australian term used to describe a cheap box of wine. The Goon of Fortune drinking game is one that involves taking the bag out of the box and attaching it to one of those circular spinning clotheslines. Then you give that badboy a spin and whoever the goon lands in front of needs to take a big chug of the wine then give it another spin.

What You’ll Need

Several boxes of wine. Take them out of the box so that you’re just left with the bags. Now you’ll need a rotating clothes line and something to attach it to it such as tape, rope, or clothes pins. Now just get everyone to form a circle around the clothes line and get ready to play.

Goon of Fortune Drinking Game Rules

Typically the jagoff who suggested the game gets to spin first. They grab one of the ends of the clothes line and spin it as hard as they want. Hopefully it’s not too weighted to one side.

Once it stops whoever is closest to it opens up the good and takes a good hearty chug. It’s up to everyone playing if they think they’ve had enough. Then that same person spins it for the next round.

If anyone refuses to drink or leaves the circle they are disqualified from the game.

When you empty the goon just grab another one and strap it on there. Or alternatively you can put multiple goons on at the same time and have multiple people chug when it comes by.


The Goon of Fortune drinking game doesn’t really have an ending point so just keep playing until you run out of wine or lose the ability to stand up straight. People often put in added rules such as making you stand on one leg after a certain number of spins and if you fall you are out of the game. Either way please remember to drink responsibly.