Waterfall Drinking Game

Card Game

The Waterfall drinking game plays out very similar to other drinking games like Kings or Circle of death. The major difference being the order of the rules.

What you need

All you need for this game is a deck of cards and drinks

How it works

Players take turns flipping cards from a deck and doing the action required.

The Watefall rule works as a sort of chugging competition. The player who starts the waterfall begins to chug, then in turn each player starts to chug. Nobody can put their drink down until the player before them puts theirs down. So you might be stuck chugging longer than you wanted because the player before you won’t stop.

Waterfall Drinking Game Rules

Players take turns flipping cards and doing the following actions.

Ace – WATERFALL The namesake of the game. Whoever drew must start chugging their drink. As soon as someone starts chugging the next player in turn must start chugging. Nobody can stop chugging until the player before them stops or they finish their drink.2 – Two for you The person who drew this gives out a drink to whoever they want.
3 – Three for me The person who drew this takes a drink
4 – Four for whores All ladies drink
5 – Make a rule The player who drew this gets to make a rule. Anyone who breaks the rule must take a drink.
6 – 6 for dicks All guys drink
7 – To Heaven! The last player to point to the heavens has to take a drink
8 – Bathroom Card Hold onto this card. Nobody can go to the bathroom without turning in this card. Feel free to be grimy and trade this card to other players in exchange for them taking your next few drinks.
9 – Rhyme time The player who drew this says a word. The next player must say a rhyming word. This goes on until someone either can’t think of a word or repeats one that was already said. That player drinks.
10 – Catagories The player who drew this picks a category. Such as car brands or kids cereals. Then players take turns naming things within the category. The first player to name one that’s already been said or fail to name one at all drinks.
Jack – social Cheers! everyone takes a drink.
Queen – Questions The player who drew this asks anyone at the table a question. That player must respond with a question to a different player. First player to fail to do this drinks.
Kings – First king drinks one. Second king drinks two. Third king drinks 3. Fourth king finishes their drink and the game is over.


The Waterfall drinking game is a great party starter. If you want to go the extra mile it might be helpful to print out the game rules so that players don’t have to try and remember what each individual card does.