Umbrella Drinking Game

The idea of the Umbrella drinking game is that it only works if not too many people know the rules. So there needs to be some oblivious people in the room for there to be any drinking. So if it’s your first time playing make sure only 1 player reads through the rules and the rest are left to try and figure it out on their own or drink for not getting it. This works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

This is a vocal drinking game so there are no requirements other than this set of rules and some drinks.

Umbrella Drinking Game Rules

This game is kicked off when someone says “The name of the game is Umbrella and the word is…. um…. InsertAnyWord“. You can say any word for the last word there but before that you need to say “Umm…”. The trick is to make is sound natural like you’re thinking of a good word and not be obvious that the “Umm…” part is crucial.

Then play goes around in a circle with everyone doing the same. Anyone who doesn’t include the “umm…” must take a drink. Once someone thinks they understand how the game works they can go to the person who suggested the game and whisper what they think the rules are. If they’re incorrect they drink.

Keep on playing until everyone figures it out or one poor clueless sap has made himself look like a total fool by guessing 50 times and never figuring it out.

If you enjoy games like the Umbrella drinking game you might want to check out the Green Glass Door drinking game since it works in a similar way. Even though this game won’t always amount to a whole lot of drinking it’s still important to remember to not overdo it and drink responsibly. Cheers!