Green Glass Door Riddle Drinking Game

The green glass door riddle is a drinking game that players aren’t supposed to know the rules to. Because once everyone knows the rules the riddle will be solved and the game won’t be playable anymore. So this game is best played if only a couple people understand the game to start off.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is at least one player to understand the riddle. Then each player needs a drink to sip from whenever they get a wrong answer.

Green Glass Door Riddle Rules

Warning: Make sure only 1 player is allowed to read these rules. It’s imperative that not everyone understands the game completely to start. 

The players that know how the game works are the doormen. They get to tell people if they are correct or false about what can be taken through the green glass door.

Players ask the doormen about various objects and the doormen must say “yes it can come through the door” or “no it cannot come through the door”.

The objects that can come through the door are anything that have two repeating letters in it. Obvious examples include “Green”, “Glass” and “Door”.

If a player guesses an object that can’t come through the door they have to take a sip of their drink.

When a player feels they have solved the riddle they can ask one of the doormen if their answer is correct. Make sure to whisper to ensure the other players don’t hear you. If they are correct they are now a doorman. If they are incorrect they must pound back the rest of their drink.


The green glass door riddle is an interesting drinking game. It requires at least one player to understand the game so if nobody at the table has played it before than one player should be allowed to read the rules before hand. For a similar but more complex drinking game experience we suggest you check out Cardinal Puff. Cheers!