The Wikipedia Drinking Game

Wikipedia Drinking Game -

This Wikipedia Drinking Game involves players trying to find a specific randomized page on wikipedia from another randomized page. Basically players just need to drink every click until it’s achieved. Then everyone remembers their scores and the loser drinks some more.

This game is great for all those out there who love a good Wikipedia dive. It’s wildly entertaining especially if you get some oddly specific page to try and get to.

What You’ll Need

Any device that can connect to the internet, A laptop hooked up to the TV is preferable so everyone can see. Then a drink for whoever’s turn it is.

Set Up

To start start players need to pick who will start the game.

That player opens two internet tabs for random wikipedia pages. This can be done by clicking the following link.

The Wikipedia Drinking Game -

Wikipedia Drinking Game Rules

Now, the first page is the starting point, and the second page is the ending point.

One player must try and get from the starting point page to the ending point page. Feel free to give each page a quick glance to get an idea of what both pages are about.

Keep in mind players cannot use the search function, they must click the links on the first page to try and navigate around the site.

For each link click (not including clicks within a page, like to drop down a menu), the player must drink once. Try to keep track of the how many clicks it took to get to the ending point page.

At any point a player can forfeit. They finish their drink and finish with a final score of 25.

Once everyone has had a round, the player(s) who took the most clicks to get to their ending point page must finish their drink.

Mulligan: If a player doesn’t like their ending point draw, they can drink once to get a new one. They are however stuck with their starting point.


The Wikipedia drinking game can be quite a bit of drinking or it can be pretty light, depending if lady luck is on your side. So make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you’re looking for a drinking game a little more on the social media side take a look at our Facebook Feed drinking game!