The Facebook Feed Drinking Game

Facebook Feed Drinking Game -

For those of us who are getting a little weary off filtering through our friends political opinions and pictures of their babies, we decided to create the Facebook Feed drinking game. This game is mostly played individually but players can play in large groups as well as long as everyone is drinking to the same feed.

What You’ll Need for The Facebook Feed Drinking Game

First you’ll need to bring up someone’s Facebook feed. Then just slowly scroll through the feed and drink whenever any of the following rules come up. The speed at which you scroll is entirely up to you. Feel free to play until you’re officially bored of all the lives of everyone you know. Just make sure to have those drinks ready and keep a close eye on the rules.

Facebook Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once whenever

  • Someone mentions their political allegiance
  • A picture of someones food
  • A picture of someone with a baby
  • Someone mentions God
  • A hashtag is used in any way
  • You spot a selfie!
  • You notice a clear click-bait article

Drink twice whenever

  • You see an ad or “Suggested post”
  • You see the “angry face” reaction used
  • Someone shares a memory from “X years ago”
  • Someone shares way too much personal information that probably shouldn’t be made public
  • A post shamelessly asks for a “share” or “like”
  • Someone is complaining about the government
  • Someone is complaining about facebook on facebook
  • You spot a meme that you have already seen before
  • An add is creepily targeted towards you specifically
  • There’s a picture of another post from another social media platform like tumblr or reddit
  • A pointless online Quiz to determine what type of exotic fruit you are or someshit
  • An aunt posts a lame meme but you don’t mind because she has a good heart

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone is engaged

Bonus Rule: Drink once every time the logged in Facebook profile gets a new notification. This can be an alert, friend request or private message.


This Facebook drinking game can be a little heavy so feel free to start scrolling slower as players finish a few drinks. We suggest choosing the player with the most outrageous friends to scroll their Facebook feed.  The Facebook Feed Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy a few drinks with friends while you laugh behind the backs of all your other friends. As always though please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. For more social drinking games we suggest taking a look at our Tinder drinking game.