American Vandal Drinking Game

American Vandal Drinking Game -

The American Vandal Drinking Game is for the popular Netflix mockumentary American Vandal. This satirical show asks only one important question, “Who drew the dicks?”. Dylan, the town degenerate, is accused of drawing the phalic wonders all over the teacher’s cars. It’s up to documentary makers Peter and Sam to prove Dylan’s innocence by slowly singling out other characters to try and find plausible deniability.

In the wake of more serious crime dramas like Making a Muderer, it’s refreshing to see one that doesn’t take itself seriously. This show is crammed full of satire and dick jokes . So it really makes for the perfect drinking game.



American Vandal and drinks.


Players will be during any of the many dick references during this show. Additionally players must finish their drinks whenever one of the suspects is crossed off the list.

American Vandal Drinking Game Rules:

Drink once whenever:

  • Someone mentions dicks in any way, this includes:
    • Dicks
    • Head
    • Shaft
    • Handjob
    • Ball hairs
    • etc..
  • A drawing of a dick appears on screen
  • Dylan plays a prank
  • Someone says Dylan is guilty

Finish your drink whenever:

  • One of the suspects is crossed off the list and ruled not to be the vandal


The American Vandal drinking game is pretty heavy simply for the crazy amount of dick references. If you plan on watching multiple episodes at a time or even a whole season I’d suggest dropping the finish your drink rule and just stick to dick mentions. Otherwise the drink finishing rule should come up once or twice per episode. One way or another this show is a great time and well worth the watch. So if you enjoy dick jokes, satire, and drinking some drinks then this game is for you.