The Touhou Drinking Game

For those unaware Touhou Project is a series of japanese bullet-hell style video games. There’s tons of them so just pick whichever you prefer, any will work. Basically these games just put you in a ship while 1000s of bullets fly your way and you have to duck and weave your way to the inevitable boss. So grab a drink and prepare to get destroyed in the Touhou Drinking Game!

Basically this drinking game will just have players drinking for critical mistakes like dying or using a continue before reaching a boss.

What You’ll Need

For this game you just any Touhou Game and some drinks. It works best if you get a few players and switch off every time a continue is used. But it works just fine 1-player as well.

Touhou Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • You die to a boss
  • You pick up a 1-up
  • You use a special ability
  • There’s a dialogue cutscene


Finish your drink if you fail and have to use a continue

Take a shot if you fail and have to use a continue, and you haven’t even killed a single boss since your last continue.

Bonus Rule: Take a drink whenever you laugh at the awkward dialogue or artwork

Keep in mind you’re going to want to keep that drink close by because in some of these games you respawn very quickly after you die so hurry up!


The Touhou drinking game can get pretty crazy especially if you’re not too good at these types of games. They’re all fairly difficult which will only get harder every drink you drink. So if you choose to play this game please remember to drink responsibly. Over consumption of alcohol can become very serious so if you feel like you need a break take one.