The Spin The Bottle Drinking Game!

The spin the bottle drinking game is similar to the Knight of the Round Table drinking gameIt’s pretty simple to set up and play and is always a great time for any number of people. There’s two general ways to play it, with or without kissing depending what kind of party you’re having.

What You’ll Need To Play

An empty bottle (should be easy to find if everyone is drinking), a bunch of empty plastic cups and a good variety of alcohols.

The Set Up

To set up this game preferable you’re going to want a round table or playing area. Put a couple shots of random alcohols of varying percentages into a bunch of cups. Now use those cups to create a circle.

After that’s done the bottle is placed in the middle of the circle and everyone playing sits around it in whatever order they want.

How To Play

Someone is chosen to start the game (usually the most innocent person in the group). After that play goes clockwise.

On their turn someone simply spins the bottle. Once it’s done spinning they must drink whichever cup it’s pointing at. The game ends once every cup is drank.

Optional Kissing Version: In this version of the game you’re going to want a relatively even number of guys and gals in the game. Whenever the bottle is spun and it’s pointing at a cup that has already been drank then whoever spun it must kiss whoever is behind that cup.


There’s no real winner or losers in this game. Generally by the end of it everyone will have had enough to drink to start making some bad decisions so make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one.