The Oh-So-Fun Grease Drinking Game

Grease Drinking Game by

This classic musical follows Johnny and Sandra as they manage their feelings about each-other through a whirlwind of teenage emotions. Balancing their reputations and their affections for each other turns into a task neither of them was ready for. If you’re looking to relive some 70s nostalgia then our Grease drinking game is the perfect idea.

This unique drinking game has a few standard drinking rules, and then drinking rules for every song in the movie. So get ready to get greasy.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

The movie, some pals, and some drinks of choice.

Grease Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever…

  • Johnny fixes his pants
  • Anyone does jazz hands
  • Someone says “Sandy” or “Johnny”
  • A musical number starts up
  • Someone touches someone’s hair
  • Anyone mentions making out
  • The name of the school is said “Rydell”
  • Someone is seen puffing a cigarette

Bonus Rule: Take a drink whenever you hear the title of a song during the musical numbers. Here’s a list of musical numbers and how often their titles come up so you won’t miss any.

  1. Grease (14 times)
  2. Summer Nights (6 times)
  3. Rydell Fight Song (0 times)
  4. Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee (1 time)
  5. Hopelessly Devoted To You (5 times)
  6. Greased Lightnin’ (22 times, wowza!)
  7. It’s Raining On Prom Night (3 times)
  8. Beauty School Dropout (12 times)
  9. Sandy (8 times)
  10. There Are Worse Things I Could Do (2 times)
  11. Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise) (0 times)
  12. You’re The One That I Want (1 time)
  13. We Go Together (1 time)
  14. Grease (Reprise) (14 times)

This grease drinking game is a great way to relive this classic musical, however some of the songs get a little intense with the drinking rules so make sure to take a break if you need one. Always make sure to drink responsibly. If you liked this drinking game you might want to check out the game we made to the not-as-loved sequel Grease 2!