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How To Play The Great American Challenge Drinking Game

This game is for all you patriotic heroes out there who just want to drink, smoke, eat and just get generally messed up. The Great American Challenge drinking game is a sheer test of will. People split into teams of 4 and then race to finish 36 beers (9 each), smoke two grams of weed, eat two large pizzas and then finish a 100 piece puzzle. You’re going to need all your senses sharpened to win this one.


This game can be played with as many teams of 4 as you want but you’re going to need to make sure everyone is set up properly before the game starts. It also helps to have a referee handy to penalize anyone who causes any infractions like throwing up or spilling their drink.

Each team will need…

  1. 36 beers within arms reach.
  2. 2 grams of weed and something to smoke it with. (teams choice.)
  3. A 100 piece puzzle (again teams choice) and a table to sit around.

If there’s not enough tables or puzzles for each team then everyone can take turns doing the challenge. But you’ll need a referee to time it as to judge who did it quicker.

How To Play The Great American Challenge Drinking Game

This game is broken up into 4 phases. Drink, Smoke, Eat, Think. Each phase must be completed before the next phase begins. Phase 1 involves drinking 36 beers, phase 2 is smoking 2 grams of weed, phase 3 is eating two large pizzas and finally phase 4 is doing a 100 piece puzzle.

Once the team(s) are ready to begin a ref should start the clock and the groups of 4 can start drinking.

Phase 1: Drink

Each team must race to finish a full 36 beers. These can be drank by any members of the teams and don’t need to be divided up evenly. A ref may issue penalties for infractions such as unfinished beers, spilling beer, throwing up, etc… It’s up to the refs discretion what the penalty should be but it should be something time consuming to slow down the offending team.

Phase 2: Smoke

This one’s pretty simple. Each team now just grabs their preferred smoking device and passes it along. Once the full 2 grams is smoked then that team can move on to the next phase. As before the ref can issue penalties for anything deemed unfair.

Phase 3: Eat

Now that everyone is all liquored up and high as a kite it’s time for the eating phase. Each team races to finish 2 large pizzas.

Phase 4: Think

The fourth and final phase involves solving a 100 piece puzzle. Which normally wouldn’t be such a daunting task but after a case of beer, a gram and a belly full of pizza it gets a little hard to think. Whoever finishes all 4 phases in the quickest time is the winning team!


It should go without saying that the great american challenge drinking game can be rather dangerous. It’s very easy to get caught up in a challenge like this and end up consuming too much. So we ask anyone who dares take on this should please drink responsibly.