The Eccentric Jeff Goldblum Drinking Game

For those of us out there who are Goldblum fans for his confusing yet profoundly interesting persona we created the Jeff Goldblum drinking game. Seeing as how he always puts some of his relentlessly eccentric personality into his characters this game will work with any movie role or interview he’s done. Heck even if you want to fire up a video of Goldblum Cameo’s that’d work too! So grab a few drinks and watch some clips of this of this captivatingly unique man.

What You’ll Need

For this game you should queue up some videos or movies featuring Jeff Goldblum. There’s plenty to choose from like Jurassic Park or Isle of Dogs but if you want to get straight to the drinking just look up some interviews of his. Then you just need some drinks to play along.

Jeff Goldblum Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever Goldblum

  • Does his strange signature laugh.
  • Says something profoundly confusing that you don’t understand at all.
  • He touches his face.
  • Stutters or has he calls it “fumfer”.
  • Repeats a line.

Take a massive chug whenever Goldblum

  • Attempts some type of slight of hand magic
  • Starts singing
  • Gets violent


If you enjoyed our Jeff Goldblum drinking game you might want to check out some of our other drinking games for famous actors like Owen Wilson. Either way please remember to always keep it a game. If you feel like you’ve had enough to drink consider slowing down or calling it a night.