The Owen Wilson Drinking Game – Wow!

The Owen Wilson Drinking Game - the Chuggernauts . com

Owen Wilson is an actor who loves to repeat the same words and mannerisms, but for the most part you wont notice until you start listening for it. That’s why we went ahead and created the Owen Wilson Drinking Game!

This drinking game works in really any movie or interview with Owen Wilson. Players need to have a drink ready and then take a sip whenever any of the following phrases come up. To get an idea at just how often he repeats the same phrases take a look at this YouTube compilation.

What You’ll Need For This Game

Any Owen Wilson movie or interview. Try to pick one where he is the main focus for maximum Owen tropes. You can also use this drinking game in conjunction with any of our other movie drinking games if you wanted to kick it up a notch!

The Owen Wilson Drinking Game Rules

Drink whenever he says any variation of these phrases

  • “Wow!” or “Woaah!”
  • “And honestly,..”, “If I’m being honest…” etc…
  • “What are you doing?!”
  • “Unbeleivable!”
  • “Common…”
  • “Don’t be so negative”, “You’re being negative” etc…
  • “God Damnit”
  • “What are you talking about??”

Finish your drink if you ever hear the phrase “Crazy as a road lizard.” Whatever that means. 

Bonus Rule

Take a huge chug the first time any of the following actors appear in a movie he’s in.

  • Ben Stiller
  • Luke Wilson
  • Vince Vaughn


That about covers it for this Owen Wilson drinking game. If you’re looking for more drinking games to celebrities we suggest taking a look at our Jean-Claude Van Damme Drinking Game! As always please remember to pace yourself and please drink responsibly.