The Conventional Wedding Speech Drinking Game

For those of us who have been to a big number of weddings we all know how the speeches can tend to be pretty typical. “I’ve known X for X years and and here’s X story, But that’s when i knew X was ‘the one’.” So that’s why we decided to come up with a conventional wedding speech drinking game so you can take full advantage of that open bar!

Basically how this game works is you get your beer, wine, whatever ready and wait for the speeches to commence. Any time any of these classic wedding tropes come up you take a drink.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play this game you’re just going to need a drink and the try and pay attention during the speeches. You might want to grab a few drinks before starting because It might come off as a little rude running back and forth to the bar between each speech.

The Conventional Wedding Speech Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever…

  • The bride or groom are mentioned by name
  • The speaker mentions how long they’ve known the bride/groom
  • Someone says “Welcome to the family”
  • The bride/grooms love of sports is brought up
  • A cheesy poem or quote is used
  • Anyone uses the word “love”

Take a big swig whenever…

  • There’s an inappropriately sexual story
  • The speaker tries to not-so-subtly bring up that they paid for the wedding
  • Someone uses the phrase “the one”
  • There’s some kind of technical difficulty
  • The speaker starts to choke up

Finish your drink whenever a toast is proposed


I’ve been told that playing drinking games like the conventional wedding speech drinking game can be seen as rude. For this reason you might want to play in silence and try not to burst out laughing at your friends and colleagues total lacks of originality. If you enjoyed this drinking game check out our Acceptance Speech Drinking Game that pretty well works for any awards show ever.