The Acceptance Speech Drinking Game

The Acceptance Speech Drinking Game

We’ve designed this drinking game to work with any typical ho-hum acceptance speech. Typically these are found in abundance at award shows like the Academy Awards or the Grammy’s. Usually what happens is some actor comes up to accept their trophy and pat themselves on the back, thanking god, their mother, and all the people who made their horribly boring speech possible. So we’ve decided to create a way to spice things up with out Acceptance Speech drinking game!

What You’ll Need

First things first, if you want to play this game you’ll need to find an award show of some kind. This can be the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards or even something like NFL player awards. It doesn’t really matter since about 90% of all their speeches will come out the same anyway. Then just grab a few drinks and get ready to follow these simple drinking rules.

The Acceptance Speech Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink every time

  • Someone is specifically thanked by name
  • The speech giver mentions their mom or dad (Drink twice if it’s both)
  • Someone mentions they didn’t think they’d win
  • The speech giver points to someone in the audience
  • The word “Honored” is spoken

Drink 3 times if

  • There’s tears
  • God is mentioned
  • Someone receives an award on someone else’s behalf

Finish your drink if

  • Someone gets cut off because they ran out of time
  • Someone uses their acceptance speech to draw attention to some kind of societal issue
  • There’s a major behind-the-scenes issue like reading the wrong name for an award


This acceptance speech drinking game should bring a bit of humor to some of those typical dry acceptance speeches and make things a little more interesting. Depending which kind of speech you’re watching those drink-finishing rules shouldn’t come up all too often. As always please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.