The Challenge Drinking Game

The Challenge drinking game is meant to work with any given season of MTV’s The Challenge. The show follows a group of people, some rookies and some veterans from previous seasons. At the end of every episode one or two contestants get kicked off the house until only 1 person or team gets to win the prize money.

Our drinking game will have people drinking for all the common lingo in the series such as “layup” or “polidicking” and then finishing their drinks if TJ kicks someone off the show for breaking the rules of the game.

What You’ll Need

An episode or two of your favorite episode of The Challenge and some drinks. Before the episode starts you’ll want to pick out who your favorite contestant in the bunch is.

The Challenge Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever

  • TJ enters the house
  • Someone is referred to as a “Layup” or a “Buck”
  • Anyone is accused of sleeping with someone else
  • Something is bleeped out or censored
  • Johnny Bananas stirs the pot
  • Someone is clearly polidicking

Take a Chug Whenever

  • An actual fight breaks out
  • Someone gets eliminated
  • Someone cries

Pound Back the Rest of Your Drink Whenever

  • TJ enters the house and kicks someone out for breaking one of the rules
  • Your favorite contestant gets eliminated


This The Challenge drinking game can either be pretty tame or crazy depending on how the episode goes. Either way remember to drink responsibly. If you’re looking for more reality TV drinking games check out our The Bachelor Drinking Game.