The Bachelor Drinking Game

The Bachelor Drinking Game -

The Bachelor drinking game has players drinking to the long running television reality TV series The Bachelor. The general premise of this show is that one man must go on multiple dates with multiple women and slowly eliminate them until he ends up with just one person. This show is ripe with it’s own tropes and makes for the perfect drinking game candidate so grab a few beers or a bottle of wine and get ready for some drinking!


What You’ll Need

Any episode of the bachelor, preferably one you have not seen before, and some drinks. Before the game starts or just soon after each player should pick a favorite contestant from the show. This will come into play for a few of the drinking rules.


The Bachelor Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever…

  • Someone cries
  • There’s a kiss
  • Anyone says the L word.
  • A word is censored or beeped.
  • Anyone says the name of the current bachelor
  • Someone mentions that they are not friends with someone else
  • Someone says the phrase “Right reasons”
  • The bachelor says the word “wife”

Take a sip if the bachelor mentions your favorite contestant by name

Finish your drink if

  • Your favorite contestant is eliminated
  • The Bachelor says he’s in love with one of the contestants for the first time.
  • Someone gets naked.


The Bachelor drinking game is a fair amount of drinking and should work with any episode of any season of the bachelor. It’s best if players haven’t seen the episode before so that they don’t know which contestants will be eliminated. Most of these rules are sure to come up regardless which episode you choose. So for those who love junk food reality tv and can’t wait to grab a couple glasses of wine and wind down then this game should do just fine.