The Best Texas Hold’em Drinking Game

Our innovative Texas Hold’em drinking game basically takes the money you bet and replaces it with drinks. For those that don’t know how to play Texas Hold’em poker you can check the official rules here.This drinking version works with any number of players but we suggest around 4-8 since any more than that tends to get a little cumbersome.

What You’ll Need

For this drinking game what you’re going to need is a full deck of cards (with jokers removed) and some drinks for every player. Then you’re going to want an extra pitcher or measuring cup in the center of the table. This game works best if everyone is drinking the same type of alcohol so buying a case of beer to share for the occasion might be the best option.

Setting It Up

Before the game can begin everyone playing must agree on an amount they’ll be drinking throughout the course of the game.

Once that’s decided each player fills their cups and places them beside them. For example if you decided to play a 2-cup game then every player should fill up 2 cups.

Before starting everyone should be familiar with the hand rankings in poker. Click here to view an easy to understand ranking order from

Texas Hold’em Drinking Game Rules

Once everyone has their cups ready they’re good to start the game. The key thing to remember here is that unlike regular poker in this game you’ll be betting with drinks.

Now the game takes place like a regular game of poker. When a player makes a bet they instead pour that amount into the center pitcher. For example a player can bet 2 sips and then pour 2 into the pitcher. This is also the case for the blinds; small blind pours 1 sip and big blind pours 2 sips.

When a player chooses to raise the next player must either call the raise or drink half of whatever is in the pitcher to fold.

At the end of each round whoever won gets to keep the pitcher and pour it into their cups (grabbing an extra one if needed).

The game continues until only 1 person remains. Then that person can give out all the drinks they have left to the remaining players to pound back. They can be as even or cruel as they want when giving out the drinks.

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This Texas Hold’em drinking game is a great way to down a few drinks but if regular poker is more your speed check out our game Blitzed Poker. Either way you go make sure to mind your limits and please try to drink responsibly.