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Tenzi Review, Rules and Drinking Game Variant

Recently we got a chance to test out a dice game called Tenzi. To put it simply it’s like a super fast version of Yahtzee where you attempt to get all your dice to the same number as quickly as possible.

How To Play

For the base game each player gets 10 dice. The goal of the game is to get all their dice on the same number before their opponents can do the same. Unlike other dice games this one is all about speed so the one with the quick hands and eyes usually snags the win.

Once everyone is ready someone counts down from 3 and then says “GO!”.

After that it’s a free for all. Just keep rolling the dice as fast as you humanly can and attempt to get them all onto the same number. First to accomplish this yells out “Tenzi!” and wins the game.

77 Ways To Play

This little addition gives a large stack of cards to change up the rules every round to keep things fresh. Stuff like “get all the dice to be 3s and 5s” or even wackier rules like “You must make a barnyard animal noise before every roll”.

Tenzi Review

This game really shines in it’s simplicity. Whether that’s a pro or a con depends what you’re looking for. The blend of a little bit of quick thinking and a whole lot of luck makes this game super fun and exciting.

We recommend the “77 ways to play” add-on. That definitely added a ton of replayability and made the game way more exciting. This isn’t really a game you would want to sit down and play for hours at a time but for a quick session or to pair with a few beers this game was pure and simply a good time.

Drinkzi – Our Tenzi Drinking Game

What You’ll Need

  • 10 Dice Per Player Dice
  • The 77 Ways To Play Add-On (It’ll work without this but it’s funner with it)
  • A good amount of drinks nearby

How To Play Drinkzi

Play this like a normal game of Tenzi except with a few differences.

  • At the end of each round the winner is awarded 1 point. Everyone else must take 1 drink for each dice they didn’t get to match the criteria.
  • If a die ever falls off the table that’s a party foul. Drink one and pick it up before continuing.
  • The game goes until someone gets 3 points total. After that whoever had the least points must chug a full drink.
    • If it’s a tie for last place you must play a 1-on-1 round to determine who is the loser who will have to chug a drink.
  • Beer Mines! During the game if you’ve finished any drinks you can place your empty cans anywhere on the table to try and mess up other people’s rolling areas and make them drop dice off the table.

This drinking game isn’t all that heavy unless lady luck isn’t on your side and you end up with multiple last place finishes. Please drink responsibly.