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Tennis Drinking Game

The Tennis Drinking game is a fairly easy drinking game that is meant to mimic the game of tennis. It’s pretty well all luck based but it’s a great 2 or 4 player drinking game for those nights where you’re getting sick of traditional card games.

How it Works

Players take turns rolling a die. The first roll is the serve, then each roll after is an attempt at continuing the rally. If a player ever rolls less than the player before them they concede the point and take a drink. Much like in real tennis this game consists of games, sets and matches. If they concede the match they have to pound back a full drink.

Set Up

Grab a paper and pencil to record the score of the game. Then get your drinks ready and roll to see who goes first.

Tennis Drinking Game Rules

The first player rolls the die for his serve. The serve equals the number rolled minus two. (minimum 1). So if someone rolls 5 for a serve, the actual number is 3. If a player rolls a natural 1 on their serve it’s a fault and they have to try again. If there’s a double fault then the other player is awarded the point.

Then the other player attempts to continue the rally. They roll the die and attempt to roll equal or higher (There is no longer minus 2 to rolls after the serve). If it’s higher the die is passed back to the other player and they roll again. This continues until someone rolls lower than the roll before them. When this happen the higher roller gets the point.


Points work like a shorter version of tennis. Each tennis match is made up of two to three sets. To win a set, you must win at least Two games. The games are scored starting at “love” (or zero) and go up to 40, but that’s actually just four points. From love, the first point is 15, then 30, then 40, then game point, which wins the game. If both players are at 40 than one player needs to pull ahead by 2 points in order to win.


  • Whenever a player concedes a point, they drink.
  • If a player gets a fault, they drink.
  • If a player fails to return a serve (service ace) they drink twice.
  • If a player gets a double fault they must drink 5 times.
  • If a player loses a game, they must drink 3 times.
  • If a player loses a set, they must drink 5 times.
  • If a player loses the match they must pound a full drink.


2v2 mode

It’s also possible to play this game in teams. Simply get two teams of 2 players each. Then alternate who rolls and serves. When a point is scored or a game/set/match is lost the whole team drinks. However if a player gets a fault or double fault, only the server drinks.



Our tennis drinking game is simple but can amount to quite a lot of drinking either way. If players want to take it a little easier consider splitting up the drinks in the team mode. Either way be sure to drink responsibly.