Suits Card Drinking Game

Card Game

The premise of the suits drinking game is simple. Dealer calls a suit and whoever gets that card drinks. Although there’s a few twists to keep it interesting. This game works with any size crowd as long as there’s at least 3 people at the table. The dealer doesn’t need to do any drinking so it’s a great role for the DD or anyone taking it easy for the night.

What You’ll Need

A full standard deck of cards and drinks for each player. This game works best if players sit around a table.

Suits Card Drinking Game Rules

First the deck is shuffled and a dealer is chosen. The dealer then calls out a suit and starts dealing the cards clockwise, face-up. Once someone gets a card of the suit the dealer mentioned that person needs to drink for a number of seconds equal to the value of the card. Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10 and Aces are worth 11.

As soon as someone draws the card that matches the suit they begin drinking. The rest of the group counts aloud until they reach the number of their card, only then can they stop. The person who just drank calls out a new suit and the dealer keeps dealing clockwise.

To make things a little more interesting if someone finishes their drink before the counting is complete then the next player clockwise has to drink for however many seconds remain.

The game continues right up until the deck has run out. If players want they can swap out dealers between rounds to give someone else a break.


As far as drinking games with cards go suits is one of the easiest ones to play and understand. But if you are to play the suits drinking game please make sure you drink responsibly and don’t over drink.