How To Play The Suck Me Drinking Game

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This is one of the more intimate drinking games on our list, so you’re going to want to play with a fairly even number of guys and gals. The goal of the suck me drinking game is to pass around a card with your lips to the next player, and so-on until someone drops it and must drink the value of the card.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need to play this game is a standard deck of cards and some drinks. Then a room of players you’re fairly comfortable with (or looking to get to know!).

How To Play The Suck Me Drinking Game

First things first. Everyone should be sitting in a circle for this game to work properly. Then a deck of cards is shuffled and placed in the center where each player can reach it.

Now players choose who will start the game, typically this is whoever suggested playing it in the first place.

The starting player draws the first card and shows the value of the card to everyone in the game. Then they must suck it up. This is done by putting the card against their lips and then sucking in air to suction the cup to their lips.

They must then pass the card to the player on their right using only their lips. This continues around the circle until someone drops the card, which causes them to drink the value of the card. For the sake of this game, Jack, Queen and King are all 10 sips.

The game continues until the entire deck has been played (or people get bored and move onto something else.)

The Suck Me drinking game isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely not one of the more germ-friendly games. If you’re looking for something a little simpler we suggest taking a look at the Circle of Death Drinking Game! As always please remember to drink responsibly.