Spoons Drinking Game

Spoons Drinking Game -

The Spoons Drinking Game is simply a drinking version of the classic Spoons card game. It’s a game of speed and luck as players race to get 4 of a kind and then make a mad dash for the nearest spoon.

This game is very easy to set up and play and players shouldn’t have any trouble understanding the rules. The drinking version is played in a number of rounds equal to the number of players until a victor is decided.


A set of spoons, a deck of cards and drinks.

Set up:

Shuffle the deck and deal out 6 cards to each player.  place the rest face down in the center. Then spoons are placed on the table equal to 1 less than the number of players.


Players race to get 4 of a kind first by gathering cards from the face down deck. Once that’s accomplish he yells “Spoon” and grabs for a spoon. Every other player must now grab a spoon and whoever fails to do so is eliminated and must finish their drink.


Spoons Drinking Game Rules:

Once cards are dealt and spoons are places fairly around the deck then the player left to the dealer begins. That player draws a card and puts it in their hand . Then that player must discard a card. (this can be the card that was just acquired). After that play continues around the circle as players get new cards and attempt to get 4 of a kind.

Once a player gets 4-of-a-kind he may yell “Spoons!” at any time and grab a spoon. Once he’s done this every other player must try to grab one of the remaining spoons. Whoever is the one player who doesn’t get a spoon is eliminated and must finish their entire drink.

After the elimination a new round starts with the eliminated player still not being able to participate. More rounds continue until there is only 1 player who remains and he is the winner.

Additional rules:

If two players are both holding on to the same spoon, the player who is holding the bowl end gets it.

Jokers may be added to the deck which act as wild cards and can be used in any 4-of-a-kind set.

If a player calls “Spoons!” without having 4-of-a-kind he is instead eliminated and play continues.

If a player grabs a spoon without “Spoons!” having been called, he must finish his drink.


Spoons is a great and simple game, very easy to set up and teach new players. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice at a party or social gathering.