Splatoon Drinking Game

Splatoon 2 Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

Splatoon is one of nintendos newer IPs that has players trying to cover the ground with ink before their opponents. There’s a whole single player campaign but our splatoon drinking game will be focusing on the “Turf War” multiplayer mode. This also functions as a Splatoon 2 drinking game since they play very similar anyway. This game will have players competing to see who will be drinking more of the pint at the end of the match by dividing it up as close as possible to their respective percentage scores.

What You’ll Need

Either Splatoon or Splatoon 2 for any nintendo system and 2 empty pitchers (or large drink vessels). Then ample amounts of booze.

Setting It Up

Before the game starts players need to figure out how much they’re willing to bet on the next round. So bust out the empty pitcher or large glass and then everyone pours into the same pitcher until everyone agrees to stop. This will be the bet amount for the round. Then players choose teams or draft teams.  Then select a game of Turf War and you’re ready to go.

Splatoon Drinking Game Rules

The goal of the game is to cover more of the turf than your opponents with ink. So just play the game as normal. At the end of the match each team will get a percentage score based on how much of the terrain their team covered. Then you need to try and divide the pitcher to match the scores.

For example if the winning team gets 75% coverage and the losing team gets 25% coverage then you should divide the pitchers so one has 75% and the other has 25%. The winning team drinks the pitcher with less in it and the losing team drinks the pitcher with more in it. They can pass it around and drink as much as they want until it’s all done.

Additional Drinking Rules

  • Whenever you get Splatted take a sip.
  • When the 1 minute mark comes up everyone must cheers and take a sip before continuing.


The Splatoon drinking game works best in a king’s court fashion where the winner of each game stays on to face new challengers. Since the winning team will be doing a bit of drinking each round regardless they’re bound to catch up in drinks in no-time. As with any drinking game though please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.